CANCapture Software & Unlocked ECOM Kit

CANCapture is a flexible, powerful and cost-effective software application for capturing and analyzing traffic on a controller area network (CAN) bus. CANCapture was designed with engineers in mind, and during its evolution, it has been continually adapted to fit the needs of all aspects of CAN development.

One Unlocked ECOM (USB to CAN hardware interface) device is included with each purchase of CANCapture.
Unlocked ECOM devices are not sold separately.


  • Fully customizable data flow management wires up your CAN data however you want. Load and modify the CAN database and connect or disconnect functional blocks without ever having to stop the live capture.
  • Database manager is integrated into the application. Instantly jump to definitions, search the database and add variable watches, graphs, etc. Full J1939 database and support included!
  • No license keys! Install CANCapture on every computer in your organization; there's no longer any need to share a laptop.
  • Connect multiple ECOM devices in the CANCapture flow chart to create virtual gateways that can bridge, manipulate, filter and analyze activity between isolated buses.


  • colorized raw packet list lets you easily visualize and analyze the data on the CAN bus by allowing colors to be assigned to messages in the CAN database. As each packet is received by a Raw Capture block, it gets assigned a color and is displayed and scrolled in real time.
  • Custom scripting allows for everything from end-of-line testing procedures to on-the-fly data encryption/decryption. Implement advanced filters beyond the capabilities of the standard packet filter by using the C/C++ like syntax. Plenty of examples are available.
  • User panels allow real-time display of thousands of variables on sophisticated gauges, sliders, thermometers, numeric indicators, text boxes, etc.
  • J1939 diagnostics block can request and display active/historic/pending diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and freeze-frame data.
  • Seamless integration of NMEA-2000 Fast Packet, J1939 multipacket broadcast announce messages (BAM) and destination-specific connection management (CM) messages.
  • Record data in the field and then replay and analyze it later with full or variable speed playback. Let your clients log the data and/or go back and analyze a recorded session with different variables being watched or graphed. Alternately, log data packets or variable watches to Microsoft Excel for in-depth post-analysis.
  • Create standalone EXE files custom built from any CANCapture configuration for distributing to end users and technicians.

Cost Effective

  • $1,295 for both hardware and software. Everything you need to get started is included. 
  • With the purchase of CANCapture, you obtain total functionality of the product with the complete feature set such as custom scripting, J1939 support, .dbc CAN database importing and professional user panels.

Support Resources

Latest Driver Installation:

Supporting Documents:

  • ECOM Engineering Approved Drawing - Official drawing that contains dimensions and pinouts for the ECOM device and connectors that ship with the ECOM.
  • STEP Model for ECOM - 3D Step model file for the ECOM cable.
  • Simple C/C++ Example - ECOM library example of how to open an ECOM device and print CAN messages to the screen for 10 seconds.
  • Simple Java Example - Equivalent of the C/C++ example but using Java instead. Also includes a useful interface class for making ECOM DLL function calls using the JNA (Java Native Access) library.
  • Simple LabView Example (and LabView Driver) - Equivalent of the C/C++ and Java examples above, except for LabView.  Simply displays all received CAN messages for X number of seconds into an array on the screen.  Also contains a LabView "driver" that is a strongly recommended starting point for developing LabView applications that will use the ECOM device.
  • C# Example and Library - Download includes a library interface class for accessing all the functions and constants used by the ECOM API/DLL library. Example simply uses this class to display all received CAN messages for 10 seconds and outputs the received messages to a console window. Library should be used for anyone wishing to do C# development using the ECOM API/DLL.
  • Reference Harness Schematics - Basic schematic showing the pinout and color codes for the harness that comes with the ECOM device.
  • Developer's Reference Guide - Documentation for the DLL/API programmer's interface for the ECOM hardware device. Developers who wish to incorporate the ECOM into their own software for sending and receiving CAN packets should start here.