J1939 Diagnostics Block

The J1939 Diagnostic Block is used to display diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and other fault-code information for J1939 based systems. The diagnostic window displays the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL), Red Stop Lamp, Amber Warning Lamp, and Protect Lamp states for all systems on the CAN network. It also has the ability to display an interactive list of all active, pending, and historic DTCs as well as freeze frame data and information.

Diagnostic Block Features:

  • Transmits requests for active DTCs (DM1), historic DTCs (DM2), pending DTCs (DM27), freeze frame data (DM4), active DTC resets (DM11), and historic DTC resets (DM3).
  • Displays all warning indicator lamps for each node in their actual state (on, off, slow flash, fast flash)
  • Lists all DTCs, including freeze frame data along with the parameter name, failure mode identifier (FMI), FMI description, and occurrence count. Each DTC can be right-clicked for even more options - jump to the CAN definition, add a watch, graph the failed parameter, or send a reset of all DTCs.
  • Displays freeze frame data for failed parameters along with the relevant data captured at the time of failure. Also displays the optional manufacturer specific information related to the freeze frame data.