AppBuilder Wizard

The AppBuilder Wizard allows you to create a customized, read-only application based on any CANCapture workspace/flowchart and database. This feature is useful for creating custom diagnostic tools, data-loggers, or just simplified CANCapture builds for non-CAN experts. The resulting EXE file will be completely stand-alone, having no prerequisites except that the ECOM driver be installed on the destination computer.

Step 1

Create a CANCapture configuration just like normal. Use any feature available in CANCapture including the gauges and scripting. Your custom database will be included as well.

Step 2

Run the "AppBuilder Wizard" from the main toolbar and select your desired options. These options range from what windows to show, whether to enable access to the database, window size, EXE icon, company logo, etc.

Step 3

Click "Build". Your customized EXE file is now ready and it can be copied to any other PC without needing to install CANCapture.

Step 4

Distribute and run your application.