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Supporting Documents:

  • ECOM Engineering Approved Drawing - Official drawing that contains dimensions and pinouts for the ECOM device and connectors that ship with the ECOM.
  • STEP Model for ECOM - 3D Step model file for the ECOM cable
  • Simple C/C++ Example - ECOM library example of how to open an ECOM device and print CAN messages to the screen for 10 seconds.
  • Simple Java Example - Equivalent of the C/C++ example but using Java instead. Also includes a useful interface class for making ECOM DLL function calls using the JNA (Java Native Access) library.
  • Simple LabView Example (and LabView Driver) - This is the equivalent of the C/C++ and Java examples above, except for LabView.  It simply displays all received CAN messages for X number of seconds into an array on the screen.  This also contains a LabView "driver" that is a strongly recommended starting point for developing LabView applications that will use the ECOM device.
  • C# Example and Library - This download includes a library interface class for accessing all the functions and constants used by the ECOM API/DLL library. The example simply uses this class to display all received CAN messages for 10 seconds and outputs the received messages to a console window. This library should be used for anyone wishing to do C# development using the ECOM API/DLL.
  • Reference Harness Schematics - A basic schematic showing the pinout and color codes for the harness that comes with the ECOM device.
  • Developer's Reference Guide - Documentation for the DLL/API programmer's interface for the ECOM hardware device. Developers who wish to incorporate the ECOM into their own software for sending and receiving CAN packets should start here.