ECOM Harness Reference Schematics

The standard ECOM device (E2046002) that sells for $179 comes with the following cable.  It has the 8-pin connector from the ECOM and goes into a round 8-pin Ford connector that is illustrated on the ECOM page. 

NOTE: The "standard ECOM" that sells for $179 will NOT work with CANCapture 

Reference schematic for the E2087002 cable

The CANCapture kit (E2372000) that sells for $1295 comes with an "Unlocked ECOM device" and the following harness cable.  This cable has the connector for the ECOM and goes to 3 bare-stripped wires: CAN-H, CAN-L, and GND.  Along with this cable we also include 2 Deutsch connectors (and their respective pins) that are specified by the J1939 protocol - the included connectors are the 2-pin DTM06-2S and the 3-pin DT06-3S.

Since there is not an industry standard CAN connector, we offer this cable with stripped leads so that you can connect the appropriate connector for your system.

Reference schematic for the E1859004 cable

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